About Dave Fowler

I have been putting a camera to my eye for (ahem) donkey’s years, and whilst I appear to be especially drawn to abstract, landscape and street photography, I do tend to veer wildly in the subjects I approach depending on my mood or recent influences (or perhaps the carbohydrate content of breakfast… who knows where our inspiration comes from?!).

I try to take a very open approach to photography as an art form. For me, if an image makes an emotional connection, it works. In this regard, realism and manipulation are equally valid approaches, and the galleries here include examples of both.

Similarly, I am not interested in the film versus digital argument. I personally embrace digital photography simply because, for me, it presents an opportunity to better realise my vision through greater (and speedier) control of the photographic process from capture to print.

In approaching a subject I am aiming to give a sense of the beauty or drama of the scene, whether this is a natural, urban or imagined environment. These images are the final interpretation and representation of this vision and of the experience of the subject at the point the camera clicked.

If you share a love of photography as a means of artistic expression then I’d love to hear from you - do get in touch.


To put food on the table I am employed as a web designer and Internet marketing consultant.

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